Rabbi Mordechai Leib Cofnas shlita has been involved in Kosher certification for over 25years.  North West Kosher (NWK) was established in 2012 when Rabbi Cofnas re located to Manchester on his retirement after serving as Rav of Liverpool Kashrus Commission and of the Liverpool Jewish Community for over 30 yrs. North West Kosher operates in conjunction and under the direction of the world renowned MK Kosher certification of the Manchester Beth Din.

Following the guide lines laid down by the revered Rabbi Yitschok Yaakov Weiss ztl Av Beis Din of the Manchester Beis Din (1950 - 1970) and afterwards  Av Beis Din of the Elida Hachareidis Jerusalem (1979-1989) the Manchester Beis Din does not grant Kosher certification to retail products containing Cholov  Akum (Unsupervised milk) Avkas Cholov Akum (Unsupervised  milk powder) or retail products produced on the aforementioned production lines.

Whilst there are many Poskim (Expert Halachists) who do allow these ingredients in products in the first instance Dayan Osher Yehudah Steiner of the Manchester Beis Din & Rav Hamachshir of Manchester Kashrus MK continues to uphold the decisions of Dayan Weisz ztl in not granting such certification.

In order therefore to facilitate the needs of many companies who use unsupervised milk & milk powder in their products as well as for parev products produced on milky lines the NWK certification is employed.  Furthermore, NWK is also called upon to certify a growing number of parev products where various leniences are used that are endorsed in the first instance by Gedolei Haposkim (Expert Halachists) but not accepted by or approved by the Manchester Beis Din  in line with the decisions of Dayan Weisz ztl as often cited in his responsa  Minchas Yitschok.

NWK which is fully administered by the MK is of the highest standard of Kashrus and is proud to certify some of the largest brands of food production.