For more than twenty years Rabbi Mordechai Leib Cofnas  שליט"א, a distinguished Community Rov and Head  of the Liverpool Va’ad HaKashrus, has granted his hechsher  to companies who have been approved under the Manchester Beth Din but which they have been unable to certify.  The Manchester Beth Din has always remained faithful to the standards laid down by Dayan Weiss זצ''ל, its former Av Beis Din and as such has always been careful  not to certify products intended for the final consumer (as opposed to ingredients, if they contained avkas cholov akum (non-supervised milk powder).

As the Certification Department grew, a number of large companies such as Kellogg’s have sought certification for a wide range of products, some parev (non-dairy) and some containing avkas cholov akum. To service their needs, whilst remaining faithful to their legacy, the certification was divided into two separate certifying bodies with the MK appearing on the non-cholov akum products and the logo of the  Liverpool Va’ad HaKashrus on the avkas cholov akum products.  As stated above, The Rav HaMachshir of the Va’ad Hakashrus of Liverpool has always been Rabbi Cofnas שליט"א.

Recently for personal reasons, Rabbi Cofnas has moved to Manchester and as such is no longer associated with the Liverpool Va'ad.  Companies under his certification were nevertheless anxious to retain his approval and as a result, North West Kosher – NWK – Certifying Authority was formed.  This Authority, with Rabbi Cofnas as its Rav HaMachshir, will as previously continue to work under the guidance of and in association with the Manchester Beth Din, though, for reasons which will be obvious from the above, the two hechsherim remain totally independent.